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Exploring Chinese Dramas, Is It Worth Watching?

Are Chinese dramas no less popular than Korean dramas? The answer is yes, China has a collection of the latest drama series that are very exciting and interesting. So that you are not confused about starting the activity of watching Chinese dramas, you can read the Cnovelholic review.

Is Chinese Drama Worth Watching?

Although not as popular as dramas from some other countries, lately, Chinese dramas are increasingly popular. The increasing popularity of C-Drama is due to many factors. Many people are interested in watching Chinese dramas because of the increasingly popular and satisfying streaming services.

Because of the supporting platforms, can make some Chinese dramas known to many people, and some even become trending. But is it just because of that factor? Of course not, some Chinese dramas have very interesting stories. The storyline is no less than dramas from other countries.

Through Chinese dramas, you will be able to find various stories. You can find romantic, exciting, entertaining, heartfelt, and so on in Chinese dramas. Another thing that attracts drama lovers is the visuals.

Charming actors and actresses play roles in Chinese dramas, the charming visuals are completed with the best acting skills. So that you know more about the advantages of Chinese dramas, see the next explanation below.

Reasons You Should Watch Chinese Dramas?

Here are the reasons why Chinese dramas are now so popular and why you should try watching a collection of Chinese dramas.

1. Many Chinese dramas with interesting cultural themes

Quite a lot of Chinese dramas are about history and the culture of society. You will easily find Chinese dramas with royal genres, legends, and the like. Quite a lot of drama lovers love this genre.

Chinese dramas also elevate everyday life with modern nuances. In addition to presenting modern elements in the story, some Chinese dramas still hold ancestral traditions. You can easily find traditional Chinese values in the dramas.

2. Best cast with captivating visuals

Many people are interested in watching C-Dramas because of the cast. Similar to other countries, the cast chosen is visually appealing. But not only in terms of visuals, they are also able to show qualified acting.

The combination can attract drama lovers to watch a collection of Chinese drama series.

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3. Watching Chinese dramas is a piece of cake

Streaming technology is growing, and Chinese drama is one of the entertainments available on many platforms. So, you can enjoy Chinese dramas more easily and flexibly. Wherever and whenever you can watch Chinese dramas, don’t forget to read the reviews first in Cnovelholic.

Romantic scenes in Chinese dramas often tickle the heart

You may often get carried away when watching a drama, especially romantic genre dramas. This aspect is the success point of Chinese drama in attracting fans. There are quite a lot of Chinese dramas with romantic genres.

Many scenes are very adorable and lovey-dovey. These scenes often make us easily touched.

4. Many story concepts are true to life

Drama fans usually like storylines or drama concepts that are similar to what happens in life. With such a concept, we can more easily get into the nuances of the drama being watched. Not only presenting heart-soothing romantic dramas, many stories feel real.

The audience will be “hypnotized” by the settings and storylines that are similar to what happened in real life. This concept is also able to make what is presented in Chinese dramas feel related to the elements of our lives.

At the end of the day, we can learn lessons in living life

5. Chinese dramas can make a special impression

For those who’ve watched a lot of dramas, the various genres may feel familiar. When things get too mundane to enjoy, you may need to try a Chinese drama when you need some entertainment.

It will feel different if you watch a Chinese drama, especially if you are trying to watch a Chinese series or movie for the first time. Drama from China has its impression that is different from the drama of Thailand, Japan, Korea, and other countries. You will adapt and enter into a different world in Chinese drama.

So that you are not confused, you can read a complete review of Chinese dramas through Cnovelholic.

6. Presents interesting fashion fashions

Chinese dramas with both modern and historical settings exude elegance through elaborate costumes. From Chinese dramas, you will be amazed because of the splendor of the clothes or charming costumes. The cast looks perfect with the epic costumes they wear.

7. Women can be the lead/ empowered women

The main female character is quite often found in Chinese dramas. They appear as strong, ambitious, and unyielding characters. Many royal or contemporary Chinese dramas tell the story of legendary female characters. For example, Mulan, Fuyao, Yinglou, and so on.

8. Family values you can find in Chinese dramas

The connection between Chinese drama storylines and family values is remarkable. Apart from the Chinese, many Asian societies attach great importance to family relationships. Many Chinese dramas often include family ties in the relevance of the story.

From the elements of the movie, a charming and warm story can be found in Chinese dramas.

9. Chinese dramas explore the value of honor and heroism

Maybe many of you often find Chinese dramas with the theme of heroes. The concept of hero or honor is indeed one of the main themes in many Chinese dramas. These elements are very strongly used in Chinese drama storylines.

The presence of heroic elements serves as a moral marker for the protagonist. They will accomplish the mission of wisdom, benefit the lives of others, and so on. Many people love stories of great heroes doing the good that everyone needs. The audience hopes they are the protagonist who can get a good ending.

10. Chinese dramas are not easy to get bored of

Nowadays, the world of Chinese cinema is increasingly advanced. The variety of dramas is so wide that it provides a variety of genres that can meet the needs of all drama lovers. From historical themes to very modern themes, you can find Chinese dramas.

Whether it’s the countryside or the city, the practice of different cultures or tribes, and stories about dynasties you can also see in Chinese dramas.

So, is it worth it if we watch Chinese dramas? C-dramas are worth it for you to watch. Movie effects, cinematography, panorama, storyline, cast, and many other factors are satisfying in Chinese dramas. For those of you who are newbies in the world of Chinese drama, you can try reading drama reviews first as Cnovelholic presents.

Tips For Watching Drama Series With Long Episodes, Check It!

Tips For Watching Drama Series With Long Episodes

Watching drama series is a fun activity for many people. Many drama series are fun to follow but some drama series are produced with long episodes. You might be wondering how best to watch those long episodes, so check out the following article.

Here are tips for watching drama series with long episodes.

Useful Tips for Watching Long Episodes Series

Watching long episodes of dramas may be quite challenging for you as you have to catch up with the duration to stay relevant. For you to have the best experience watching the series, check out these tips:

– Finish The Episode, Don’t Stop In The Middle

You can take breaks while watching a series but don’t give yourself too long of a break between episodes. Avoid watching another part of the same episode the next day. Even if the drama series you’re watching has a long duration, finish it on the same day.

Therefore, you need to manage your time well. Watching one episode on two different days can reduce the relevance of understanding the essence of the drama. You can take a break in the middle of the episode for example when you need to take a snack or need to go to the toilet.

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– Don’t Give Too Long A Break Between Episodes

In addition to avoiding stopping watching in the middle of an episode, you also need to keep the pause between episodes not too long. At least don’t let the break last for 2 days or more. You can save the episode to watch the next day if you feel you’ve watched enough.

For example, you can watch episodes 4-5 today, then the next day you can watch episode 6 or more episodes. Don’t watch the next day or longer to keep yourself relevant to the drama series episodes.

– Make Sure You’re Hydrated Enough

Don’t get less hydrated because you’re too focused on the drama episodes. One of the tips for watching drama series with long episodes is to keep your body healthy by drinking water. Although soda drinks may be more enjoyable especially when enjoying your favorite shows, don’t overdo it.

Before you settle down to watch your favorite series, keep your water bottle nearby. This way, you don’t have to move to get your drink while you’re enjoying the show.

– Keep Your Sleep Pattern

In addition to keeping your body hydrated, you also have to rest your body. Don’t let your eyes be overused to watch drama series. Although the drama you are watching is very exciting, you need to take a healthy break.

Lack of sleep can have many adverse effects on your body. Don’t force your body to “marathon” drama series. Pause wisely between episodes so that you can stay healthy in this hobby.

– Schedule Time To Watch Series

To have a thoughtful experience watching a drama series, you need to do time management. Schedule a time to watch the series that does not burden other activities. Depending on the duration per episode, you should limit how many episodes you can watch in a day.

– Invite Your Friends To Watch Together

Sometimes, watching long series episodes is boring, but it’s different if you invite your friends. So, watching series with friends is one of the tips for watching drama series with long episodes. You can get a more exciting drama-watching experience if you watch together.

– Move Your Body In The Middle Of Watching A Series

Don’t underestimate physical movement because it can do a lot for your body’s metabolism. The activity of watching dramas is a little movement that can make you easily cramp, tingle, or sore. To keep your position comfortable and healthy while watching your favorite drama, make sure you intersperse it with physical activity.

Do stretching movements during episode breaks. Besides stretching, you can also do other activities such as making milk or coffee. Don’t let your body stiffen for a long time. So, those are some tips for watching drama series with long episodes.

7 Reasons Historical Chinese Drama Is Popular

In recent years, Chinese dramas have become very popular, not just within the Chinese country but also evolving to take the world by storm. In recent years, people have watched more Chinese dramas than ever, from every genre of Chinese drama, like historical costume dramas, romantic dramas, comedies, and many more.

If you love watching Chinese dramas and want to know more about them, then you have come to the right place. Discuss more about the plot of the Chinese drama, how they could bring the plot to life, and the review of Chinese dramas to make sure you know if that drama is worth watching or not.

How Can Chinese Dramas Can Be Very Popular?

Chinese dramas have always been popular, from soap operas that play only on Chinese TV channels, to Chinese cinematic movies, DVDs, and now we can stream digital movies for many Chinese dramas, as well as movies. If we are talking about the history, and development of Chinese dramas over the years, it would take a very long time to explain all about it.

One reason why Chinese dramas have become quite popular these past years is the interesting setting of Chinese culture, offering viewers a rich cultural heritage, plus their compelling storytelling on its own. Furthermore, there are still many reasons why Chinese drama can become quite popular.

Rich Cultural Heritage, and Chinese Culture

The main reason why people have watched Chinese historical dramas over the past year is that they allow viewers a glimpse of China’s rich cultural history, traditions, and cultures. The historical Chinese drama is based on the historic stories of China, and as such, it is deeply rooted in its cultural heritage and history.

It also provides pleasing visual feasts on the intricate ancient Chinese costumes, the Chinese traditions, the complex history of the dynasty, and Chinese cultures throughout the year.

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High Productional Values

Historical Chinese dramas have thousands of loyal viewers all over the world, and to satisfy this hunger for more historic Chinese dramas, many famous studio houses have been pumping out more Chinese dramas over the years.

Thanks to that, it has become one of the highest production values in recent years, and with its own elaborate sets, costumes, intricate details, and interesting attention to detail that makes every viewer comes back for more.

Compelling Storyline

One of the reasons why Chinese historical dramas have become popular over the years is because of their complex, compelling, and sometimes even multi-layered storylines. It helps viewers to engage in the more interesting storyline and makes every viewer to be invested in the characters, and the world-building of the historical Chinese dramas.

Historical Chinese dramas often explore themes and plots that consist of loyalty, love stories, betrayal, political maneuvering, and honor, along with certain bits of comedy in its part. It would help resonate with viewers, keep audiences more entertained, and never get bored.

Talented Casts

People watch dramas for their compelling storylines and want to enjoy the historical setting behind them as well. However, many people are watching dramas for their talented and also beautiful casts on their own.

Historical Chinese drama attracts a lot of big names within the Chinese movie industries, it includes talented actors and actresses, producers, directors, and then studio houses. The performance itself is sometimes criticized or praised and becomes a topic of debate in its community as well.

Cultural Pride Behind its Production

Historic Chinese dramas sometimes instill a sense of pride in the viewers, especially among the Chinese diaspora all around the world. It allows for the showcase of rich Chinese culture and history to viewers all around the world.

The majority of people who watch Chinese historical dramas are members of the Chinese diaspora or people with Chinese heritage. However, in recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of Chinese dramas, and thanks to that, more and more people are watching the dramas, which are becoming more available on popular streaming platforms.

Beautiful Props, Settings, and Costumes

Chinese drama has been well-known for its intricate costumes and beautiful props to support the narrative behind it. This is also the reason why Chinese historical drama is also sometimes called a costume drama.


Historical Chinese dramas, just like any drama or movie, could offer some kind of form of escapism for their viewers. It let them escape and be transported into different times and eras, making them forget the harshness, and problems of their lives for a while. Dramas allow people to immerse themselves in different settings and worlds, and sometimes they can be addicting too.

Chinese dramas have slowly but surely become one of the most popular genres of movies on their own, especially in their iconic Chinese historical dramas with their intricate costumes and compelling storylines. This is the reason why many like to watch Chinese dramas.

How Chinese Dramas Changes Perceptions of Love


Have you ever watched Chinese dramas? Although Chinese drama has been overshadowed by the ever-popular Korean drama and its TV series, in recent years Chinese dramas have become more popular, and historical, costume dramas, as well as Chinese romance dramas have always been popular since the 1990s and throughout the 2000s.

If you want to know more about Chinese dramas, and how you want to discuss popular Chinese dramas with a community that loves and appreciates Chinese dramas, then you have come to the right place.

Even though many people have only considered watching dramas, and movies as mere entertainment, the prospect of watching dramas can affect you in many ways. People who are easily affected by what they watch, can become emotional about the kinds of dramas they watch. Even for people who don’t usually watch dramas or TV series, watching dramas can affect your mental health, mood, and even relationship.

Watching Romance Dramas can affect you, your relationship, and even your mental health

What kind of effects does romance drama have? How does it affect you or your relationship, or even your mental health when you watch dramas? Chinese dramas in themselves could captivate audiences, changing the way we perceive everyday life, love, and also relationship. In watching dramas, some people might see a thing or two that would touch their hearts.

A few of these effects could be summarized as follows:

Promoting Communication

Communication is one of the most important foundations in every relationship, and how people do their communication with their partners and how they do it is very important. From the honesty of its communication, to how to build trust for its partners and many things, Chinese dramas have highlighted a lot of aspects of communication in a romantic relationship.

Promoting how romantic relationships should deal with their communication, could help encourage their audiences to better communicate with their partners.

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Emphasize trust in the relationship

The key to every successful relationship is trust, and in Chinese dramas, trust has been one of the recurring themes of trust in the relationship. How to build trust, how to keep your loved ones’ trust, and how to earn their trust back after mistakes. It has always been a common plot and theme in Chinese romantic, and historical dramas as well.

Over time, the trust would need to be cultivated and keep it, and emphasizing strong trust, it would help to build a strong relationship with your partner.

Encouraging forgiveness

Chinese dramas could even teach you about forgiveness. In a relationship, it is important to embrace forgiveness for each other, even though sometimes it might be hard to forgive someone for their past mistakes.

It is a common theme in Chinese romantic dramas, and long-time viewers of Chinese dramas would have understood this recurring theme as well.

There are many kinds of love

In Chinese dramas, many dramas always showcase a different type of love, from romantic love, familial love, sibling love, and platonic love as well. This way, it would teach every one of its audiences that love can come in many different forms, be its different shapes and sizes as well, not just romantic love.

Everyone can have a meaningful, fulfilling relationship with their romantic partner, their families, and their loved ones.

So, that’s all about the effects of Chinese dramas and how they could affect your relationship, and even affecting on your mental health as well. Chinese dramas can be something more than just entertainment, sometimes they could even teach more things than you might not believe in the first place comes from Chinese dramas or TV series.

Simple Guide to Understanding Dramas

Dramas and movies are very popular entertainment, and it also comes in different genres, from romance, comedy, historical dramas, action, and so on. If you want to know more about dramas, all about Chinese dramas, and how you could discuss the plot, storyline, and the ending itself, then you have come to the right place here.

The History of Dramas

When we are talking about drama, the history of drama itself could at least be traced into ancient Greece. It was first used as a form of religious expression, with their civic expression. After a while, the Greek form a theatrical culture, with outdoor drama performances in the amphitheaters, revolving around two genres of dramas, tragedy and comedy.

This was called the ancient era in dramas, after that, in Medieval Europe, Drama evolved to include more morality, honor plays, and mystery, and it is often played in churches with a lot of biblical themes on morality on itself.

Chinese have also evolved their own drama culture, from the Chinese theatrical performances that involve intense, and intrinsic throat singing, and to their own culture of its understanding. Drama has been enjoyed and has evolved from all around the world, and from many different cultures.

Nowadays, drama itself has become a popular form of entertainment, and it has been developed into a wide variety of genres and comes in many different shape size, and cultures behind it. From Chinese drama, Japanese dramas, and so on, Drama has evolved from the religious and theater form of drama, into what we know today as drama on film, and television.

Why do many people enjoy drama?

There are many reasons why people enjoy the drama, from enjoying the compelling storytelling to enjoying the settings, culture, or heritage behind the drama in itself. For example, people who love watching Chinese historical drama can find themselves amused with the settings of historical China, with their intrinsic design, costume, and their compelling storyline.

Dramas also become enjoyable thanks to the several genres of dramas, from historical drama, tragedy drama, mystery drama, comedy, romance drama, and so on. All of these dramas can be enjoyed by everyone, and every viewer would also have different tastes in their dramas.

People have also wondered about the storyline of dramas, allowing themselves to be immersed in a deep rich storytelling of its own. It allows some sort of escapism for every one of its viewers, as watching drama can sometimes make them forget about things that are hurtful in their life, make them forget about the sorrow and pain in their life even for a while when being immersed into the story of drama.

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How to understand dramas with their different genres

To understand drama, there are a few steps and a general way to understand it. Either by enjoying it firsthand or by reviewing the drama. Enjoying the drama can be a rewarding experience, but to do that, a few steps must be done, and the steps are:

Watch the drama

Of course, the first thing to do is to watch the drama on itself. You can’t review the drama that you haven’t watched by yourself. Take any notes you want, and pay attention to a few details such as themes, plots, settings, and so on.

Analyze its main plot

The plot is the backbone of every good drama, as such, when watching drama, it is best to analyze the plot, from the beginning right until the end.

Evaluate the characters in that drama

Evaluate each character, how well they play, how well they act if their acting is on the spot with the characterization, and how well-developed they are.

Evaluate the overall plot and theme

Evaluate the overall plot from beginning to end, is it suitable for the theme, how consistent it is with the plot, and are there any inconsistencies in it?

Consider the production value behind it

Sometimes, you need also to consider the production value behind it, how good and popular is the artists, how the sets, and costumes, and how the computer graphics have special effects.

Give your opinion, and be constructive about it

After analyzing it, you should also give your opinion about it, be its critics, and praise or anything. Avoid making any personal attacks, especially if it is for actors or actresses behind it. Be constructive, and avoid being too negative about it.

Power of Dramas in Promoting Empathy

Do any of you like watching dramas? Watching movies makes us feel many things, there are also many benefits that we can get from this activity. It is not uncommon for us to feel emotions from various scenes in the drama.

Without Us Realizing It, Watching Dramas Can Affect Various Things

If we watch a funny drama movie, we can laugh because of the scenes in it. But if the drama we watch features sad scenes, we can get carried away by the emotions. In the end, at some point, we may cry because of it.

But usually, many people feel embarrassed if they cannot hold back tears while watching a drama movie. This is even more of a problem if you’re watching a drama movie in a theater. Not only because other people might think you’re weak or whiny, but you’ll also be afraid of being ridiculed later on.

Therefore, this is the factor that many people tend to feel embarrassed if they cry just because of drama. Whereas from this drama, we can get many benefits including emotional factors.

Drama is not only entertaining, you can get a variety of benefits if you often watch dramas. For your mental health, dramas can relieve stress so it is good to accompany your daily activities especially when you are free. It’s no wonder dramas are a popular movie category for many people.

Benefits of Watching Drama You Need to Know

Every group likes drama, both adults and teenagers like drama. Watching dramas is the daily entertainment of many people, watching dramas can be when they are busy. Many also enjoy watching dramas when they are free.

Here are some of the benefits of watching dramas:

1. Strengthen Empathy

Those who can’t stop crying while watching dramas tend to have certain positives. Even these positive things are not owned by many people. This is empathy where many people still do not have great empathy.

Empathy is not related to physical strength. Empathy is a sign that someone is emotionally strong. High emotionality is something that must be present in humans.

By watching dramas, we can recognize various situations that can stimulate empathy.

2. Unburden feelings and thoughts

Emotions are released when we watch dramas, and this is healthy. Don’t make your emotions a problem when you’re engrossed in a drama. It can help us release our thoughts and burdens. Everyone has burdens pent up in their body and mind.

By watching dramas often, we will find it easier to let go of the burdens that may have been plaguing our lives. Stress levels can be reduced by enjoying drama movies.

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3. Easier to Interact

Fiction presented in the form of movies, books, and so on, can improve many things. Not only the ability to empathize, fictional stories such as those in drama series, can make us imagine a different reality or situation.

This makes us more open and understanding of other individuals.

In the end, we can become a person who is good at interacting, interaction with others is not a difficult thing anymore. Not only that but when we interact, we can also easily show affection. From this, we learn that from watching dramas alone, our interaction skills can improve.

4. Able to Know Other People’s Views

Sad drama movies are good for our ability to analyze other people’s feelings. We will find it easier to know what other people’s views are or what other people think. So, this point will be connected to psychology.

We can get into the world of people’s minds by watching dramas often, even if we don’t understand them. From dramas, we can learn about many people’s characters and can see what a different “world” is like.

Drama movies are made and designed to be emotionally affected. When we watch movies that have emotional scenes, our brain releases oxytocin. The function of this hormone is to be a neurotransmitter. If you want to be more adept at understanding others, try watching your favorite dramas more often.

5. No More Feeling Alone

Characters in drama series or movies, especially those we admire, can overcome loneliness. We will feel more connected to the characters in the drama movie. Besides being good for emotional intelligence, our brains can be stimulated to differentiate between what is fictional and real.

Friendship, compassion, caring, and so on about movie characters can be felt. In the end, it can provide real benefits in your life. That’s the power of drama, hopefully, it can add to your insight.

Dramas Watching Tips For Improving Language Skills

Drama movies and series are increasingly popular, many movie enthusiasts love drama. If the movie is packed with drama, it can more easily get the hearts and attention of the audience. Many television stations and platforms air drama movies and it turns out that drama movies have many benefits.

Drama Is One Of The Most Interesting Genres, And There Are Many Benefits To Watching Dramas

There are many reasons dramas are often watched by many people, even some people don’t want to miss a single episode update. Many dramas present a plot that is funny to emotionally shaking. The interesting thing about popular dramas is also the cast who have dazzling visuals.

Not only visual but their acting skills are also good. Many scenes made the audience feel loved, and anxious from the drama.

Watching Drama Can Improve Your Language Skill, Here’s a Guide

Watching dramas can trigger the emotional side of the audience. But drama has other effects, one of which is that we can more easily and effectively learn a language from the drama. So how do you learn a language from drama? Here’s a guide.

1. For easy language learning, choose light-hearted stories

There are many genres, and storylines in drama series or movies. One of the tips to make it easier for you to learn a language through watching a drama is to choose one with a light story. Why be selective in choosing light dramas?

Because the vocabulary in light drama stories is easier or not too complex. You can choose dramas with the genre of romantic comedy, family, and so on. In the drama, it uses light grammar so it is easier to understand than more specific drama stories.

There are many specific stories or plots in dramas that are less lighthearted. Examples include dramas about hospital, mystery, law, crime, and so on.

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2. Make your viewing area quiet enough

Watching your favorite drama will be better if it’s in a quiet area. Why should the viewing place be quiet? Because we will hear all the dialog. We can understand how the actors/actresses speak the language they use.

Like the listening test, you can do the questions more easily if you can hear the conversation as clearly as possible. You can try to absorb every vocabulary that you understand. Start by absorbing the basics as much as possible.

Also, pay attention to how the actors say each word of the dialog. See how their lips move and watch their facial expressions too.

3. Practice by repeating the words or dialog you hear

If you already know some of the words, you can try repeating the dialog spoken by the actor or actress. To make it easier, pause the video and mimic the dialog over and over again.

Don’t be shy to repeat the dialog out loud. This is so you can pay better attention to the details of intonation and accent. In foreign languages, it is quite important to learn accents in addition to memorizing vocabulary.

From drama series, we can find many vocabulary words, some of which you can write down and learn. Don’t forget to also learn the intonation of each vocabulary. If you mimic the intonation and pronunciation, it can make it easier for you to learn a language.

What you should always remember is that when watching a drama, don’t just focus on the storyline. Listening techniques are needed to master the language from watching the drama.

4. Understand the basic language you want to learn

Every language has certain basics, so if you want to start improving your language skills, don’t just watch dramas. It would be nice to learn the basics of the language first. One of the important points is for example grammar, because it can be different for each language.

You also have to understand the word order, starting from the subject, and predicate and then ending with the object and completed with an adverb. Basic or everyday phrases are the ones you should master first.

By paying attention to the basics of the language, you won’t easily get confused with the language you’re learning. A basic understanding can be the best stepping stone if you want to master a language through drama. That’s the guide to learning a language through watching drama.

You should optimize your time for language learning. Take time to review your language skills after watching some dramas. Apart from dramas, you need to learn the language through other learning methods.