7 Reasons Historical Chinese Drama Is Popular

By | May 8, 2023
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In recent years, Chinese dramas have become very popular, not just within the Chinese country but also evolving to take the world by storm. In recent years, people have watched more Chinese dramas than ever, from every genre of Chinese drama, like historical costume dramas, romantic dramas, comedies, and many more.

If you love watching Chinese dramas and want to know more about them, then you have come to the right place. Discuss more about the plot of the Chinese drama, how they could bring the plot to life, and the review of Chinese dramas to make sure you know if that drama is worth watching or not.

How Can Chinese Dramas Can Be Very Popular?

Chinese dramas have always been popular, from soap operas that play only on Chinese TV channels, to Chinese cinematic movies, DVDs, and now we can stream digital movies for many Chinese dramas, as well as movies. If we are talking about the history, and development of Chinese dramas over the years, it would take a very long time to explain all about it.

One reason why Chinese dramas have become quite popular these past years is the interesting setting of Chinese culture, offering viewers a rich cultural heritage, plus their compelling storytelling on its own. Furthermore, there are still many reasons why Chinese drama can become quite popular.

Rich Cultural Heritage, and Chinese Culture

The main reason why people have watched Chinese historical dramas over the past year is that they allow viewers a glimpse of China’s rich cultural history, traditions, and cultures. The historical Chinese drama is based on the historic stories of China, and as such, it is deeply rooted in its cultural heritage and history.

It also provides pleasing visual feasts on the intricate ancient Chinese costumes, the Chinese traditions, the complex history of the dynasty, and Chinese cultures throughout the year.

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High Productional Values

Historical Chinese dramas have thousands of loyal viewers all over the world, and to satisfy this hunger for more historic Chinese dramas, many famous studio houses have been pumping out more Chinese dramas over the years.

Thanks to that, it has become one of the highest production values in recent years, and with its own elaborate sets, costumes, intricate details, and interesting attention to detail that makes every viewer comes back for more.

Compelling Storyline

One of the reasons why Chinese historical dramas have become popular over the years is because of their complex, compelling, and sometimes even multi-layered storylines. It helps viewers to engage in the more interesting storyline and makes every viewer to be invested in the characters, and the world-building of the historical Chinese dramas.

Historical Chinese dramas often explore themes and plots that consist of loyalty, love stories, betrayal, political maneuvering, and honor, along with certain bits of comedy in its part. It would help resonate with viewers, keep audiences more entertained, and never get bored.

Talented Casts

People watch dramas for their compelling storylines and want to enjoy the historical setting behind them as well. However, many people are watching dramas for their talented and also beautiful casts on their own.

Historical Chinese drama attracts a lot of big names within the Chinese movie industries, it includes talented actors and actresses, producers, directors, and then studio houses. The performance itself is sometimes criticized or praised and becomes a topic of debate in its community as well.

Cultural Pride Behind its Production

Historic Chinese dramas sometimes instill a sense of pride in the viewers, especially among the Chinese diaspora all around the world. It allows for the showcase of rich Chinese culture and history to viewers all around the world.

The majority of people who watch Chinese historical dramas are members of the Chinese diaspora or people with Chinese heritage. However, in recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of Chinese dramas, and thanks to that, more and more people are watching the dramas, which are becoming more available on popular streaming platforms.

Beautiful Props, Settings, and Costumes

Chinese drama has been well-known for its intricate costumes and beautiful props to support the narrative behind it. This is also the reason why Chinese historical drama is also sometimes called a costume drama.


Historical Chinese dramas, just like any drama or movie, could offer some kind of form of escapism for their viewers. It let them escape and be transported into different times and eras, making them forget the harshness, and problems of their lives for a while. Dramas allow people to immerse themselves in different settings and worlds, and sometimes they can be addicting too.

Chinese dramas have slowly but surely become one of the most popular genres of movies on their own, especially in their iconic Chinese historical dramas with their intricate costumes and compelling storylines. This is the reason why many like to watch Chinese dramas.