Power of Dramas in Promoting Empathy

By | February 9, 2023
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Do any of you like watching dramas? Watching movies makes us feel many things, there are also many benefits that we can get from this activity. It is not uncommon for us to feel emotions from various scenes in the drama.

Without Us Realizing It, Watching Dramas Can Affect Various Things

If we watch a funny drama movie, we can laugh because of the scenes in it. But if the drama we watch features sad scenes, we can get carried away by the emotions. In the end, at some point, we may cry because of it.

But usually, many people feel embarrassed if they cannot hold back tears while watching a drama movie. This is even more of a problem if you’re watching a drama movie in a theater. Not only because other people might think you’re weak or whiny, but you’ll also be afraid of being ridiculed later on.

Therefore, this is the factor that many people tend to feel embarrassed if they cry just because of drama. Whereas from this drama, we can get many benefits including emotional factors.

Drama is not only entertaining, you can get a variety of benefits if you often watch dramas. For your mental health, dramas can relieve stress so it is good to accompany your daily activities especially when you are free. It’s no wonder dramas are a popular movie category for many people.

Benefits of Watching Drama You Need to Know

Every group likes drama, both adults and teenagers like drama. Watching dramas is the daily entertainment of many people, watching dramas can be when they are busy. Many also enjoy watching dramas when they are free.

Here are some of the benefits of watching dramas:

1. Strengthen Empathy

Those who can’t stop crying while watching dramas tend to have certain positives. Even these positive things are not owned by many people. This is empathy where many people still do not have great empathy.

Empathy is not related to physical strength. Empathy is a sign that someone is emotionally strong. High emotionality is something that must be present in humans.

By watching dramas, we can recognize various situations that can stimulate empathy.

2. Unburden feelings and thoughts

Emotions are released when we watch dramas, and this is healthy. Don’t make your emotions a problem when you’re engrossed in a drama. It can help us release our thoughts and burdens. Everyone has burdens pent up in their body and mind.

By watching dramas often, we will find it easier to let go of the burdens that may have been plaguing our lives. Stress levels can be reduced by enjoying drama movies.

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3. Easier to Interact

Fiction presented in the form of movies, books, and so on, can improve many things. Not only the ability to empathize, fictional stories such as those in drama series, can make us imagine a different reality or situation.

This makes us more open and understanding of other individuals.

In the end, we can become a person who is good at interacting, interaction with others is not a difficult thing anymore. Not only that but when we interact, we can also easily show affection. From this, we learn that from watching dramas alone, our interaction skills can improve.

4. Able to Know Other People’s Views

Sad drama movies are good for our ability to analyze other people’s feelings. We will find it easier to know what other people’s views are or what other people think. So, this point will be connected to psychology.

We can get into the world of people’s minds by watching dramas often, even if we don’t understand them. From dramas, we can learn about many people’s characters and can see what a different “world” is like.

Drama movies are made and designed to be emotionally affected. When we watch movies that have emotional scenes, our brain releases oxytocin. The function of this hormone is to be a neurotransmitter. If you want to be more adept at understanding others, try watching your favorite dramas more often.

5. No More Feeling Alone

Characters in drama series or movies, especially those we admire, can overcome loneliness. We will feel more connected to the characters in the drama movie. Besides being good for emotional intelligence, our brains can be stimulated to differentiate between what is fictional and real.

Friendship, compassion, caring, and so on about movie characters can be felt. In the end, it can provide real benefits in your life. That’s the power of drama, hopefully, it can add to your insight.