Dramas Watching Tips For Improving Language Skills

By | January 24, 2023
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Drama movies and series are increasingly popular, many movie enthusiasts love drama. If the movie is packed with drama, it can more easily get the hearts and attention of the audience. Many television stations and platforms air drama movies and it turns out that drama movies have many benefits.

Drama Is One Of The Most Interesting Genres, And There Are Many Benefits To Watching Dramas

There are many reasons dramas are often watched by many people, even some people don’t want to miss a single episode update. Many dramas present a plot that is funny to emotionally shaking. The interesting thing about popular dramas is also the cast who have dazzling visuals.

Not only visual but their acting skills are also good. Many scenes made the audience feel loved, and anxious from the drama.

Watching Drama Can Improve Your Language Skill, Here’s a Guide

Watching dramas can trigger the emotional side of the audience. But drama has other effects, one of which is that we can more easily and effectively learn a language from the drama. So how do you learn a language from drama? Here’s a guide.

1. For easy language learning, choose light-hearted stories

There are many genres, and storylines in drama series or movies. One of the tips to make it easier for you to learn a language through watching a drama is to choose one with a light story. Why be selective in choosing light dramas?

Because the vocabulary in light drama stories is easier or not too complex. You can choose dramas with the genre of romantic comedy, family, and so on. In the drama, it uses light grammar so it is easier to understand than more specific drama stories.

There are many specific stories or plots in dramas that are less lighthearted. Examples include dramas about hospital, mystery, law, crime, and so on.

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2. Make your viewing area quiet enough

Watching your favorite drama will be better if it’s in a quiet area. Why should the viewing place be quiet? Because we will hear all the dialog. We can understand how the actors/actresses speak the language they use.

Like the listening test, you can do the questions more easily if you can hear the conversation as clearly as possible. You can try to absorb every vocabulary that you understand. Start by absorbing the basics as much as possible.

Also, pay attention to how the actors say each word of the dialog. See how their lips move and watch their facial expressions too.

3. Practice by repeating the words or dialog you hear

If you already know some of the words, you can try repeating the dialog spoken by the actor or actress. To make it easier, pause the video and mimic the dialog over and over again.

Don’t be shy to repeat the dialog out loud. This is so you can pay better attention to the details of intonation and accent. In foreign languages, it is quite important to learn accents in addition to memorizing vocabulary.

From drama series, we can find many vocabulary words, some of which you can write down and learn. Don’t forget to also learn the intonation of each vocabulary. If you mimic the intonation and pronunciation, it can make it easier for you to learn a language.

What you should always remember is that when watching a drama, don’t just focus on the storyline. Listening techniques are needed to master the language from watching the drama.

4. Understand the basic language you want to learn

Every language has certain basics, so if you want to start improving your language skills, don’t just watch dramas. It would be nice to learn the basics of the language first. One of the important points is for example grammar, because it can be different for each language.

You also have to understand the word order, starting from the subject, and predicate and then ending with the object and completed with an adverb. Basic or everyday phrases are the ones you should master first.

By paying attention to the basics of the language, you won’t easily get confused with the language you’re learning. A basic understanding can be the best stepping stone if you want to master a language through drama. That’s the guide to learning a language through watching drama.

You should optimize your time for language learning. Take time to review your language skills after watching some dramas. Apart from dramas, you need to learn the language through other learning methods.