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Simple Guide to Understanding Dramas

Dramas and movies are very popular entertainment, and it also comes in different genres, from romance, comedy, historical dramas, action, and so on. If you want to know more about dramas, all about Chinese dramas, and how you could discuss the plot, storyline, and the ending itself, then you have come to the right place here.

The History of Dramas

When we are talking about drama, the history of drama itself could at least be traced into ancient Greece. It was first used as a form of religious expression, with their civic expression. After a while, the Greek form a theatrical culture, with outdoor drama performances in the amphitheaters, revolving around two genres of dramas, tragedy and comedy.

This was called the ancient era in dramas, after that, in Medieval Europe, Drama evolved to include more morality, honor plays, and mystery, and it is often played in churches with a lot of biblical themes on morality on itself.

Chinese have also evolved their own drama culture, from the Chinese theatrical performances that involve intense, and intrinsic throat singing, and to their own culture of its understanding. Drama has been enjoyed and has evolved from all around the world, and from many different cultures.

Nowadays, drama itself has become a popular form of entertainment, and it has been developed into a wide variety of genres and comes in many different shape size, and cultures behind it. From Chinese drama, Japanese dramas, and so on, Drama has evolved from the religious and theater form of drama, into what we know today as drama on film, and television.

Why do many people enjoy drama?

There are many reasons why people enjoy the drama, from enjoying the compelling storytelling to enjoying the settings, culture, or heritage behind the drama in itself. For example, people who love watching Chinese historical drama can find themselves amused with the settings of historical China, with their intrinsic design, costume, and their compelling storyline.

Dramas also become enjoyable thanks to the several genres of dramas, from historical drama, tragedy drama, mystery drama, comedy, romance drama, and so on. All of these dramas can be enjoyed by everyone, and every viewer would also have different tastes in their dramas.

People have also wondered about the storyline of dramas, allowing themselves to be immersed in a deep rich storytelling of its own. It allows some sort of escapism for every one of its viewers, as watching drama can sometimes make them forget about things that are hurtful in their life, make them forget about the sorrow and pain in their life even for a while when being immersed into the story of drama.

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How to understand dramas with their different genres

To understand drama, there are a few steps and a general way to understand it. Either by enjoying it firsthand or by reviewing the drama. Enjoying the drama can be a rewarding experience, but to do that, a few steps must be done, and the steps are:

Watch the drama

Of course, the first thing to do is to watch the drama on itself. You can’t review the drama that you haven’t watched by yourself. Take any notes you want, and pay attention to a few details such as themes, plots, settings, and so on.

Analyze its main plot

The plot is the backbone of every good drama, as such, when watching drama, it is best to analyze the plot, from the beginning right until the end.

Evaluate the characters in that drama

Evaluate each character, how well they play, how well they act if their acting is on the spot with the characterization, and how well-developed they are.

Evaluate the overall plot and theme

Evaluate the overall plot from beginning to end, is it suitable for the theme, how consistent it is with the plot, and are there any inconsistencies in it?

Consider the production value behind it

Sometimes, you need also to consider the production value behind it, how good and popular is the artists, how the sets, and costumes, and how the computer graphics have special effects.

Give your opinion, and be constructive about it

After analyzing it, you should also give your opinion about it, be its critics, and praise or anything. Avoid making any personal attacks, especially if it is for actors or actresses behind it. Be constructive, and avoid being too negative about it.